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E Acf)OoI of Vtnui, or the Lady's Delight reduced into Rules of Practice.
Nichol,., American Literature, 489.
Although she is made to witness some of the orgies of the troupe, she is preserved from molestation by the captain's jealous wife, who assists her to escape, giving her as escort her only son.AlfotH, dtr SDtoarH, lUe of, 125.Bernard monk, who having been allowed to leave the convent, has be- live sex xxxx come an officer ; they renew their intimacy, and she finds that the dog did not wholly deprive him of the power of satisfying a woman.(counts 6) ; size of volume 6f by 4, of letter-press 4 by 2 inches;.This most interesting night does not end here, but a dialogue, equally entertaining, is continued for some pages : my extract is however sufficiently long.It is evident enough that she was no tyro in every depravity of lust, and probably had passed through many hands before he gained her."The emotion of voluptuousness can only be excited by two causes, firstly, when we imagine that the object of our desire approaches our ideal of beauty, or when we see this person experiencing the strongest possible sensations.Vult f utui Gellia, non parere.We may pass over without comment the chapters, neither interesting nor remarkable, which contain the iniquities of Herod, and the infidelities of his concubine, Marianne, and enter at once the court of Cleopatra, where we find Charmion, left there by Caesar, installed as the chosen.

Es ist sonderbar, dass er sich in dem Zuriikberufungsproklama des Ausdruks : nostre bene merite meretrici bediente.Lang,.,"d on Bibliography,.ConfeftoniE of a un, xxxu.Garrett, William, publisher, 506.In this most cynical epistle Charley relates how he seduced Theresa, an innocent girl, whom he had induced to accompany him on a pleasure trip to Margate.We must pronounce this edition infinitely superior to that of Le Duchat, 1735, and indeed the best and most complete which has yet been given to the world.Anthony Comstock of New York : JfrnuU l Evpot and Craptf for tl)e oung.Dotlotnta 1ermapI)rolittt, Se,.Vartoui; Xtecolbctioiiis of SomiKtic tmziy 158.You know it, and you know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing in you to disgust me, but all that belongs to you maddens me, and I love and adore all ; it has become a madness, and you know it, for when you are.

Louisa and Angelo reach Naples in safety; he has never yet en- joyed a woman, but Louisa soon initiates him into the mysteries of Venus.
JBi jTlIIf it ou Mimoires de Miss Fanny Merits 8o LA fille DE joie.
Krebs, L C, book published by,.