It keeps me awake at night sometimes thinking about.' Indeed, who wouldn't regret throwing out work that would now probably fetch tens of thousands?
I lived with him ages ago.
However, this man claimed not only to have met the elusive artist but was able to furnish us with a name - not the usual variations of the name Banks but one all the more intriguing.We told him that we believed his son to be Banksy.We asked if she could put us in touch with him.He was quite nomadic.Suburban warrior: The semi in Bristol where Robin grew up It was in 1998 that Banksy and Inkie collaborated with other graffiti artists on a 400-yard Walls On Fire hoarding around Bristol's Harbourside.That his real name is Robin Banks.12:16 06:59 06:57 / SAN sebastiÁN.He did lots of illustrations.They have since separated.But it was his show Turf War, in July 2003, held in a warehouse just yards from Robin Gunningham's flat, that put Banksy on the map.
I told her I'd had an epiphany that night and she told me to stop taking that drug 'cos it's bad for your heart.' As our investigation continued, our inquiries demonstrated again and again that the details of Robin Gunningham's life story dovetail perfectly with.
'I bought the house that he used to live in she told.

But where is Robin Gunningham, the mysterious figure whose whereabouts no one now knows but who crops up in numerous official records and always in the same place as Banksy, and at the same time?Additional reporting and pictures: Simon Trump, Ewan Fletcher, Adam Luck, Jason Buckner and Craig Hibbert).20:24 17:44 17:06 / SAN sebastiÁN.I figure there are enough self-opinionated a*holes trying to get their ugly little faces in front of you as.' Given Banksy's long-standing success at covering his tracks, there is, of course, the possibility that the trail we have been following is a red.Those arrested included Tom Bingle (aka Inkie the graffiti artist acknowledged to be Banksy's partner in crime, who is now head of creative design at the computer games manufacturer Sega.From records available to the public, we were able to glean further information.19:58 07:34 / SAN sebastiÁN.Indeed, fellow pupils remember Robin, who was in Deans House, as being a particularly gifted artist.His work sold out on the opening night.After identifying ourselves, we asked her if she had a son called Robin.Banksy drew a number of the record company's album covers.
Our conversation with Peter Gunningham, who now lives in a gated development sexo en ligne sem spam e virus in the suburb of Kingsdown, was equally baffling.
Again, we presented the photograph of Banksy/Robin Gunningham.

He eventually said: 'I lived with a guy, with Robin Gunningham.
View comments, he is perhaps the most famous, or infamous, artist alive.