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This coincides with September 11, 2009, 8 years after the WTC attack, and which Barack Obama declares to be the 1st National Day of Service.Sir Kay KA the Life / Death Force in relation to the Egyptian Afterlife: Called one of the Three Enchanter Knights of Britain for: 9 nights and 9 days his breath lasted under water, 9 nights and 9 days would he be without sleep.This is the purpose and the desire of implanting such lunatic notions within this illusory world.120 is 10 x 12, or the 2 tables used in the luciferian agenda to establish the trance state.The name Ontario is an anagram for At Orion.With many symbolic dates such as 09/09/09, as well as Barack Obamas national DAY OF service slated for september 11, 2009.The Sea that flows up to the horses bridles in the Battle of ArmaGeddon.The 2 vertical borders of both British Columbia and California are 120 degrees west of Greenwich.
Its just that, we look upon this as normal, without the slightest understanding of it being luciferian manipulation.