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With as much porn as Ive watched in my time, I didn't expect to be as, uh, blown away as I was by witnessing the real deal up close.Dutch chips and Mayo.The last time I was in Amsterdam was in 2006.Amsterdam has a museum.My hotel was on a quiet side street with upper-middle class families and children strolling around, a small historic church around the corner, and trendy cafes and high-class Korean BBQ restaurants not far away, as well as a farmers market very close.I did some research and found a free Red Light District Walk with a company called 360amsterdam.This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.After a refreshing breakfast at my boutique hotel, it was time for some culture, and this is where the I amsterdam city card came into its own.If youre not in Berlin in January, youre totally mad!The chat gay sexy Van Gogh Museum.
Nine (9) years later, I wanted to stay in a clean calm hotel, within reasonable distance, but safe.

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A gorgeous city in its own right, it's bursting with great food, architecture, and some of the worlds most famous art.The stuff that decent people whisper over.January is going to be alive and kicking!The law, which will come into force in April, will also prevent anyone on a tour from shouting or taking drugs and alcohol.You know how I like alternative walking tours, free walking tours, and walking tours in exotic places!A quick look around revealed a toilet paper dispenser, of sorts, mounted on the wall for easy cleanup how convenient, I thought.
I mean, people people.
I just so love rivers.

I think the people who would be bothered here don't know what to expect!